UN PADRE NO TAN PADRE…is a story about family: the one we’re born into and the one we create along the way.
A wonderful story about authenticity, compassion, and the need to be needed. An important motif unfolds, showing us that people, despite life-long biases, really can learn to accept others just the way they are. And that insight, in a world where “family” too often means discordant, separate, and broken, gives us reason for hope as we journey this one wild and wonderful life.
I found myself laughing out loud, crying tears of joy as well as the sad tears of a boy whose father hurt him (and others) repeatedly. Primarily, I felt gratitude, in being among such wonderful characters in their loving, self-made home. And yes, it should be noted that we, the audience, are welcomed into this awesome, if quirky, “intentional community” in a land as gorgeous and as full of hospitality as Mexico. Being “in” a country grounded in the virtues of “Libertad, Trabajo, y Cultura” made the experience even more transforming.
Go see this movie…it will lift up your heart!
Addendum: What kind of arrogance and stupidity rants toxic venom about building ungodly walls…. and refers to human beings as “those bad hombres down there?” IMPEACH THE FOOL!

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