Albuquerque Journey/Journal

I was taught that “catholic” means “universal.” Well, sort of… The actual word (in Koine Greek) “καθόλου” literally means, “on the whole.” So yes, we Catholics should represent the kind of “wholeness,” the ‘inclusivity,’ the ‘universal’ Way that Jesus understood and lived God’s vision.

So, why is it that most Catholics who still go to church (bless you!) typically go to “catholic” churches? To be ‘universal’ should mean our willingness (indeed, our need) to pray with all other denominations….right?

Those who know me are aware that I have a rich faith involvement with the First Congregational United of Christ here in Albuquerque. So Saturday evening (like the dutiful Catholic I am) I prayed with Fr. Richard Rohr and the good Catholics at Holy Family parish. (It was wonderful!). Then, on Sunday morning, I participated in the awesome liturgy at the United Church of Christ.

The pastor at First Congregational is one of the most humble, holy and loving ministers I have ever met. And one of the best preachers I have ever heard! Her name is Sue Joiner—that’s right… SHE is one of the finest pastors I’ve ever known… We “universal” Catholics have a long way to go…

Sue is great at recognizing the gifts of each person…she lovingly encourages each person to consider how they might contribute their time, talent, and treasure for the good of the community and others.

Well, after Sunday’s service, Sue and I were talking about the 6 colorful painted doors outside, on the Lomas Blvd side of the church. Those signs announce,


Well, the paint on those doors is peeling and, in time, the message could get lost.

So guess who is now the sign fixer-upper?!

Yesterday I spent 4 and a half hours working on one of the doors. Today, another 3 hours and I finally have the “orange” door painted (somebody with talent will have to paint on the words).

The hope is I will have the doors in tiptop shape in time for the Albuquerque Gay Pride March this Saturday.

The things we do for love…🏳️‍🌈

And so it goes…😁

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