I believe in a Cosmos that is benevolent.  I believe that All are One and that Life is evolutionary, fully relational and good.   I believe Creation is designed by and intrinsically moves toward Light. It is time-bound but gifted with imagination and creativity that seeks to express its potential.  I believe that divinity is Reality and that world religions have developed in order to assist humankind in establishing order, an agreed upon ethics, and to fulfill the human quest for meaning.  

Authentic religion is built upon the equal foundations of community and transformation (primarily: corporate, and secondarily: individual).  Creeds are foundational, institutional statements that endorse membership by acknowledgement.

Beliefs are authentic when they are a lived reality.  Foundations are established through a search for truth.  Grounding is participation in the truth of Reality, which is Being, i.e., the truth of “what is.”

Those rare Ones who live authentically, in the truth of Reality, live in a freedom that is post (beyond) religion, denomination, culture, heritage and all that elements that separate or affirm hierarchy.  They exist through All, with All, and in All. They are “actualized” and not motivated by the desires of the ego.  Their presence is Now.  Their Presence radiates gratitude and generativity.

I believe a Cosmic ending will mirror the Cosmic beginning: what we have called “the Big Bang.”  It will not be an “ending” as we imagine it, but a transition, a transformation, a transfiguration, a shifting into a new and greater Reality.  


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