Ubi Est Verbum Bonum

Where is the church’s credibility? On what subjects does the church possess authority to which it can credibly speak anymore?

Throughout history, the church was lauded and acclaimed as ‘the greatest show on earth.’ By choosing hierarchy as its architectural design, the magisterium set the stage for a grasp of power.
Seated at the very top is a very strategic place from which to pontificate. The Vatican has made countless pronouncements, edicts, encyclicals, as well as numerous other dicta, including lots of papal bull(s). Ex cathedral, the church promulgates the three highest level of authoritative teaching, all dealing with the authority of truth divinely revealed.

But now, where is the church heard? On what topics does the church speak with any credibility? On what subjects does the church have any authority?

And really… who is listening?

Where is the good word?

gmc. 8.1.2019

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