Our Companion Death

Arkansas sunset (gmc, 2017)

“From the moment you were born, your death has walked beside you… though it seldom shows its face.” John O’Donohue

Most of the time we find it easy to deny death’s silent presence. But when real tragedy arrives, or injury happens, our world is turned upside down. Then, if your heart is true, vulnerability becomes courage. Then, you can face the shadows. Your quiet companion, death, is really… light. Now, you have no need to fear.

It is death itself that calls your life to attention, that awakens you from your small, hidden self. Now, you can live big. Now, you are free to choose… to shape your destiny by your other, patient companions: forgiveness, compassion and love.

One response to “Our Companion Death

  1. A most important reflection these days. Despite the losses, death is also a friend that frees us to be our fullest and happiest selves. I continue to sense the thinness of the veil between “us” and “them”…especially those who have loved us so much in this life. They do not forget us as they join “the ancestors”…and I do not forget them.

    Thank you.


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