Good Bill Graney May 22, 2020

Goodness is a first principle of the universe. God declares it on the first page of the story of creation.  Barbara Holmes

God is about what is good. Goodness is a fitting word for today as we honor our pastor, Father Bill Graney, who was ordained on this day 49 years ago. There are many 20200126_093817superlatives to describe Bill. He would prefer that I not use any of them. That’s his authentic humility (and a little bit of ‘the Irish’).

But “good” I can get away with. “Good” is modest, simple, and without pretense. And so is Bill.

Bill Graney is good. Thanks be to God. In a world where people often justify or defend any selfish or rude thing they say or do, it’s inspiring to know someone who is genuinely and consistently good.

Good people bring out the good in others. When you’re with Bill, your better self emerges. You talk in kinder, more supportive ways. You find yourself more understanding and less critical. You come away from your time with Bill and you remember some good thing he said.

Bill is very Benedictine in his way of life. Their motto is “Ora et labora” (pray and work). Saint Benedict believed that prayer and work are partners, thus emphasizing contemplation with action. Bill has always been faithful to a life of prayer that shapes the good work he does. Saint Benedict wrote, “The Lord waits for us to translate his teachings into action.” That’s the essence of Bill Graney.

Let us give thanks to God for the blessing of one as good as Father Bill Graney. Let us continue our prayers for him and for his intentions. May we show our appreciation by emulating the qualities and virtues that make him such a remarkable and dedicated servant of God.

We love you!

One response to “Good Bill Graney May 22, 2020

  1. Thank you, Greg for your recognition of the goodness of our dear pastor.
    You have said it well. We have been greatly blessed by his presence among us. How wonderful to celebrate 49 years of ministry…just sad that we can’t gather together to celebrate with him and one another.


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