Resurrection Pentecost mass on film

Last Friday I was asked by Ruth Sanders to review the mass that had been recorded for Resurrection parish for Pentecost Sunday.
I shared with Ruth and Pastor Bill Graney my thoughts: Bill is so “without ego,” that is, so “selfless,” that, unlike many priests on film, it is clear that he is authentically praying (and not attempting to look like someone who appears to be praying). Bravo Bill!
I also mentioned, “The radical statement of the reading (Acts of the Apostles)—that everyone spoke their own language and everyone was heard/all were included—was minimized by using exclusive language (i.e., male pronouns). To that, Ruth responded, “With everything that is happening these days, something like inclusive language does not matter.”
I said, “Ruth, it may not matter to you. But if I was at a mass where that was said, my response would be, “This community is not for me.”
My other significant concern with the pre-recorded Pentecost mass was the petitions. I felt they were “milquetoast,” wordy and empty. Notably absent was any prayer for justice… no prayer for George Floyd or the pain that has gripped an entire nation since May 25. Will the next recorded mass realize what it is that we should really be praying about?


One response to “Resurrection Pentecost mass on film

  1. Mea culpa from milquetoast! They were done too quickly at last minute… I didn’t realize the request 😩

    Hopefully this week is better…but maybe also too wordy…🥺

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