A Moment of Reckoning on Race for White Christians

The pursuit of social healing includes the preservation of historical memory and the restoration of victims’ dignity.
There is a double meaning of restorative justice:

finding a path to justice that restores collective dignity, and
restoring justice to the victims of historic gross human rights violations.

One measure of authenticity for white Christians is whether we link reconciliation with justice and repair.   It’s one thing for a white Christian leader to jump in a march and put his/her arm around an African-American pastor. But will we begin a conversation that reflects on the ugly parts of our history? How do we white Christians free our faith from privileged claims of whiteness?

One response to “A Moment of Reckoning on Race for White Christians

  1. So much has come to consciousness in new ways these past weeks of seeing brothers murdered before our eyes. It has been a horrible experience and a real call to recognize our white race of enormous privilege. I have felt privileged in many ways most of my life and aware that most was “gift” so to speak….nothing I did to merit it. The Poor Peoples March was a remarkable display of voices, faces and stories. It was definitely a call for action and change. We need to come together to see the racism that we swim in and are not aware of and see what changes we need to make in ourselves and in the groups we are part of. The time is now! If black lives don’t matter then no other lives can really matter either. They are on the bottom, holding the rest of us up…we are often surviving on their backs and fail to realize it.


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