The Future Church

“The Christian of the future will either be a mystic, that is, one who one who has experienced something, or he [she] will cease to be anything at all.” Karl Rahner, 1971.

“The Christian will one who has experienced something of the beauty and love of the living God, one that has felt the attraction so that it becomes personal knowledge, or faith will be a dead fish.

In the contemporary context it is crucial to note that the faith we are considering is not, first of all, assent to propositions, be they doctrinal or moral.  (Theology of that sort is just an intellectual act of the mind).

Living faith is an assent of a persons whole being to the mystery of the ineffable God who is unspeakably close in Jesus Christ through the Spirit.

Christianity announces the good news that the reality of God surrounds us with forgiving, abounding kindness in the midst of our darkness, injustice, sin, and death.  Faith means entrusting yourself to this presence, leaning your heart on this Rock, and responding with your life’s energies.  This is normally done with others in a community of disciples called church.”   Elizabeth A. Johnson

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