Trees of Louisville

My dear friend Wayne shared these photos from a walk he took with Beauty.  Wayne (and these gorgeous friends) live in Louisville, Kentucky.  Is it any wonder I so love Louisville?   It is a beautiful and blessed land.  The people are kind and diverse and full of passion (with a special love for music and dancing and horses and good food!). 

Wayne is a tenderhearted healer.   He is courageous and dedicated, full of compassion and strength.  He is the most genuine person I know.  He is a radical advocate of people’s right, a prophet for justice and truth.  His light is not hidden under a basket.  He stands up for what is right, he speaks out for those without a voice.   He reminds me (and all of us) just how blessed I/we are, and always sees my goodness and the goodness of others.  That’s quite a remarkable way of being.

Wayne percolates my soul.  He wakes me up.  He reminds me that life is best when we are loving others.

Wayne is my dear friend.  And I am forever grateful. 

These autumn trees of Louisville are revealing to us an authentic glimpse of spectacular beauty.  I have no doubt they were posing in their most bodacious glory because Wayne was with them.

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