Friday pain…

Why does life seem so hard at times? Somehow I believe that we’re here to take care of each other.  Clearly, that is the teaching of Jesus.  

We know at some deep, intuitive, gut level, that we are all connected.  Each of us longs for a life that can only happen through heart-to-heart connections. So, why do we resist?  Why do we judge, seeing what we consider a flaw in others, rather than seeing the Christ in others?

The longer I live, the more clouded it all becomes.  The Christ in me, which the child (the little boy) Greg, saw so easily, now struggles to see Christ anywhere.


Because I am judged by others, condemned by looks and words and so often, pushed away.

Christ can only come to birth when we stop being so damn critical… and start welcoming… really welcoming… with heart– telling each and every other: I want you in my life.   Come  and see.

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