National Catholic Reporter. Letter to the Editor

To: National Catholic Reporter December 19, 2021 Re: Marquette’s Diocese’s LGBTQ Restrictions Blasted as Cruel, Dec. 14, 2021

My ministry in the catholic church has been shaped by the inclusive welcome of the people of Resurrection parish.   We are called to seek Christ in others.   By virtue of the incarnation, God dwells in humanity.  God is revealed in the splendid diversity of all Creation. All are welcome and all manifest divine blessing.

God is the fullness of Life and Love. A mutual giving and receiving, begetting, belonging, and beloving… God is experienced in relationship.  Whoever you are, however you are created to be, God’s glory is revealed in the variety of all people.

If we experience God as Father and Mother, so too we experience God as Queer and Trans and Self and Other, in the many ways loving relationships happen.  We are a unity that is evolving and becoming the fullness of Life and Love.

How tragic that the Marquette diocese refuses to welcome with dignity all of God’s children in all their diversity.  This is not what catholic means.

At Resurrection parish, we have celebrated the confirmation of a Trans teenager, baptized the child of a gay couple, we celebrate general absolution, and we welcome All to the Table. We seek the Christ whom Jesus teaches is found in All, especially in those who have been excluded or pushed to the margins.

Gregory M. Corrigan, Pastor Resurrection Parish. 3000 Videre Drive. Wilmington, DE 19808.

2 responses to “National Catholic Reporter. Letter to the Editor

  1. Dear Greg,

    I just wrote a long response and it disappeared 😢.

    Thank you for sharing this… It is appropriate and needed!

    Too tired to repeat but heard wonderful sermon at WNC by Rev. Canon Kelly Brown Douglas on Creator God’s love & Magnificat and mini zoom retreat with John Dear on Matt. 2…both supported what your letter says.

    Blessings and love,


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