What has life taught you?

My dear friend Ruthann sent the above question to me early this morning. What a great opportunity for meditation and pondering as we begin a new year. Here is my response:

There is not a person I could not love, once I’ve heard their story.

Life happens for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Life is hard.

Life is unfair.

Life is gift.

The fullness of life happens when we are awake, aware, and present.

Life is precious.

Life is relational.  In recognizing that we are connected to all creation, then we are most authentic.

Life is continually evolving and becoming.  Life is a journey that is moving toward and revealing the Christ (the Alpha and the Omega (figuratively—there is no beginning, no end).

Life is Teacher.

Life is Guide.

Life is Breath.

Life is Being.

Life is life-giving; the more we give of ourselves, the more alive we are.

Life is participation.

Life is sacred.

Life is suffering. (Suffering is not personal… although it sure feels like it is).

Life is compassion.

Life is beyond the constraints of time.

Life is unending.

Love lives on.

gmc, 1.1.22


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