Keeping moving forward

The purpose of your life is determined by your willingness to move forward. We take those along who wish to see us become even more than we ever were, and we leave those behind whose steps were never taken in our direction in the first place.

Walk with those who inspire you to keep moving forward, for those will be the ones who will show you the next path, and you will be happy to see them walking along side you.  Emerson Clark

One response to “Keeping moving forward

  1. Dear Greg,

    Thinking of you and praying for/with you these Lenten days. I was with the Lennon family last night after Mass. Kay has lost her husband and now her brother, Jimmy, your friend, in just 2 1/2 months. It has been very hard indeed. I was invited after playing for Mass to go to McGlynn’s for supper. There were 8 of us…One of Jim’s favorite Monday places! I hadn’t been there in years…it was crowded…we sat in the back. Kay visited Jimmy at Manor Care on March 17th and he was in good spirits. Looking to get better and then have another surgery. She said Manor Care ended up with a “lock down” all weekend. Jimmy wasn’t happy with the care he was getting there and wanted to move. Sadly, on Monday morning she got a call that he had coded and he indeed did move! to the heavenly realm…. she is not sure what happened and the family is waiting to see what did happen. This will be the 5th funeral at Res. in 6 weeks….hard to believe! At one point, Angie was cantor and we noted that 80 year olds are helping with 80 year old funerals!

    Life is indeed precious. Today in 1983, it was Palm Sunday and George and I lived in Georgetown, DE. We just got home from Mass to have his family call to saw that Pop Cora had died in his sleep! We left immediately for Baltimore. Pop’s funeral was Wednesday of Holy Week…we returned and went to stay in George’s rented room in Wilmington and joined the Norbertines for the Triduum! It was that summer that we moved to Newark and joined Resurrection Parish!

    Yesterday was our Mom’s 102nd birthday in heaven and George’s sister Jeanne’s 90th birthday here! Special day.

    I just finished joining the Carmelites in Baltimore for Mass —at the end they had a film with the Ukrainian National Anthem and beautiful pictures of the country. What a tragedy before our eyes! These are indeed most difficult times everywhere you look.

    Jimmy’s funeral/celebration, as you may already know, is Friday. I have yet to make contact with his son but Ruth and I are available to do the music. He will also be buried in Kennett Square at St. Patrick’s as Jim was in January. Perhaps you can visit his grave at some point.

    You are missed and prayed for here.

    With love and hope,

    Mary Louise

    PS One hope is that you get this email!!! ________________________________


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