Paul Tillich described God as the ground of being. I no longer think of God as “up there” somewhere. I think of God as “down here,” which I think — in my own Christian tradition, is pretty consistent with incarnational theology, with the whole notion of a God who journeyed to Earth to be among us compassionately; to suffer with us; to share the journey.

I had embraced a form of Christian faith devoted less to the experience of God than to abstractions about God, a fact that now baffles me: how did so many disembodied concepts emerge from a tradition whose central commitment is to ‘the Word become flesh’?

Parker Palmer


One response to “Incarnation?

  1. Dear Greg,

    Having just celebrated the lives of 2 amazing women in our parish last Friday and today, I indeed know that our loving Creator walks with us on a daily basis and the presence as you know is as close as a thin veil next to us. That is surely how George has remained for me as many others as well. “Those who loved us in life don’t go somewhere else” when they embrace eternal life but” they are where we are.” ( Cannot remember who said this first!). Those 2 dear ones are : Nancy Bunting and Peg Zumsteg. Peg and Dick were part of the founding members of Resurrection. I played for Dick’s celebration in 2012. Today is Peg’s 91st birthday!! Both celebrations were beautiful . Peg’s much smaller with her 7 children and close relatives but many of her friends and relatives going before her. They were both gifts to our parish for sure.

    I hope you are well and having a blessed summer. This time always goes much too fast for me. I do so much better with more light and warmth….than the winter cold and dark! I have been visiting some this summer – celebrating 80th birthdays!! ( Welcoming them to the decade with one year of experience!) 80 is indeed a much different time and decade than we have ever experienced…our bodies begin or continue in new ways to say : you are aging, dear one…get use to your “new normal” which will never really be normal again! Even dear Joan C. Is 86 as she speaks from New Zealand and Richard R. Is backing down …happy to have been with Francis in Rome for the only time….and even Francis now considering the path of “retirement” as well at 85! So many changes that affect many of us in unexpected ways.

    I will be going to CT and RI again the last 2 weeks of August to visit my dear friend, Marylou Lyons, CND. It has been an almost yearly trek for a number of years. I am so looking forward to seeing her and her sister and other CND friends who always come that same week in August but I dread the long drive. I miss my chauffeur for more reasons than one!

    Take good care of yourself. I know you are coming for the funeral of a triplet…a dear 44 year old…I suspect a sad departure. I told his sister I would keep them in prayer.

    Blessings of peace, wellness and love,


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