Remembering October 3rd

On the day you died, you passed into a realm we cannot know.

Though religion has fooled many into believing ‘it is this’ or ‘it is that,’ the best we can ever say is this — It is mystery!

Dawn arrived quietly… but it was your life, your courage, your love that filled the room with light.

I was empty — no thoughts, no fears or worries — there was a Presence that claimed me.

I said, “I love you Mom” and you whispered, “I love you.” A tear ran down your cheek as I gently kissed your lips. Time stopped as you breathed forth your spirit.

In your assent, you gave us the most precious gift- a chance to live in a new way.

No longer bound, there is a freedom that comes with death…the shackles of our misguided safekeeping can fall away so that we might finally, live and breathe free.

To be FREE is the truth we are made to be

To SEE that we belong to one another

To LOVE without constraint or expectation

To CELEBRATE everything as gift, knowing that we are gift — a gift to be given away.

On the day you died I was given a choice…

May I always remember.

Eileen Healy Corrigan






One response to “Remembering October 3rd

  1. Dear Greg,

    What a beautiful picture and remembrance of your precious mother. How many are the ways that she continues to love you and your family
    and continues to be present in new and unexpected ways. We receive gifts and we give gifts…life is all gift…if we only “see” with our hearts.

    I am remembering this 3rd of the month ( as I do each month) for another reason as well.

    I may have told you years ago that George and I were married on June 3, 1978 and for every month from then on, we celebrated a “month-a-versary”…
    Until he died. We decided that since we began as a married couple later in life, we may never celebrate the “BIG ONES”…and yet we did: 20, 25, 30, 35…
    Finally 36 – our special number was the last here in this realm. But 36 appears on a regular basis each day to remind me of “presence”… George would write me a love note
    and bring me flowers each month. Now it is the “clock” as I walk into a room: 10:36– or various help that I need at a particular time
    or the cost of something or many other little ways that 36 continues to alert me that he is here right now…along with Jesus and all the dear ones who have joined the ancestors…and the
    number grows as we age for sure. Before long, we will join that band of loved ones.

    I hope you are well these days in that Barn with your dear friend Buddy…

    I am taking 2 classes on Tuesdays with OLLI: Stephen Charleston, Bishop and member of the Choctaw nation: Ladder to the Light – with leader, Sue Dajenais;
    And the 2nd half of The Universal Christ by Rohr…I have a 45 minute lunch break!! They are both inspiring writers and the classes are most helpful as we share faith questions together.
    I didn’t know of Charleston and his native spirituality touches my heart in so many ways…he is on the same wave length as Rohr but coming from his roots that go back centuries here in this country.

    A dear Rabbi friend, Stephen Fuchs, from St. John’s Interfaith Center days in Columbia, MD ( when he, George and I were on the staff there), lives in retirement on Sanibel Island….I reconnected with him and his wife on FB several years ago. He has invited those who want to help to come to Yom Kippur service at a friend’s home tomorrow on Zoom…to pray with him and his devastated community there. What great sadness and loss for sure….for so many…

    Each day is challenge…but much to be grateful for…to hope for….Jesus walks with us as we walk with one another. “It is mercy I desire and not sacrifices “ is a reminder for today…with the Good Samaritan…
    Pope Francis’ call for all nations to rise up to help to bring about and end to the terrible destruction in Ukraine…may they listen…and all those who indeed are reaching out to those in great need at this moment.

    I think of you and pray for you…you are an important presence in our world…in my life….

    May your mother bless you in a new way today as you remember.

    With peace, comfort of heart , healing and love,

    Mary Louise


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