Where Do the Poor Do Their Laundry?

The community of Resurrection is so wonderful, so good, so loving, so generous– and I am so grateful!
I posted a video on Mother’s Day. I was outside here at the barn and the video showed some of my laundry hanging outside on a clothesline.
In the video I mentioned how it reminded me of my childhood. I can remember my mom always doing laundry, always cleaning, always cooking
and working so hard for her family.
About the time that the pandemic started, my combo washer/dryer broke down. So I’ve been washing my clothes in the bathtub and hanging them
outside to drip dry. I actually got the dryer working again (thank you YouTube!) but to put soaking wet clothes in the dryer is too much, so I hang them outside for a few hours.
Well, in response to seeing that video, I’ve gotten so many
calls/emails/texts from friends at Resurrection– “somebody knows somebody who can give you a washer dryer;” Another great person has offered “to come and fix it!” and somebody has offered to buy me “a new washer!” I am overwhelmed by such great goodness!
But let me tell you– I believe that this experience of being without a washer and dryer (now just the washer), well I think it’s a part of what I’m supposed to be learning through this difficult time; or maybe it’s about helping me remember what a lot of people have to do eachday to get by.
In my prayer, I think and worry about all the poor people who have never owned a washer and dryer. I think about so many Mexicans I know here in Kennett Square who don’t have a washer and dryer. What do
they do during this pandemic, during this time when so many of the businesses they depend on are closed?
People like me think of doing one’s laundry as a basic entitlement. We take it for granted. And yet, so many people have no way to clean
their clothes, they have nowhere to go. Typically, they might go to laundromats. But the laundromats are closed.
So I’ve been doing my clothes in the bathtub– Thanks be to God! And I have been drying clothes out on the line– Thanks be to God! And I have people who are so good they want to help me– Thanks be to God!
And I want to stretch and share that goodness so that, somehow, we might be able to do something for others who really need the help…
Thanks be to God!
Let me know what you think.

May 12, 2020

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