​Torch-carrying white nationalists march at University of Virginia while chanting Nazi-slogans

I read the above headline this morning and my heart sank.  Then, I went to “google maps” to see how far away this is happening.  Maybe I should go?

Then, I read today’s ‘daily thought’ by Jean Vanier (the most loving person I know) and I realized, again, that all goodness, anything good that we can do always begins exactly where we are.

Jean Vanier – Saturday 12 August 2017           

   “Defending God’s Dwelling Place”     

I have been very influenced by Etty Hillesum, who was assassinated at Auschwitz in 1943. At one point, when she was waiting with 10,000 Jews to be carted off, she said to God, “One thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: that you cannot help us, that we must help you to help ourselves . . . We must help you and defend your dwelling place inside us to the last.” How can God come into this world if our hearts are not open to receive God’s love so that God can be present in this world?
On an autographed picture Jean Vanier sent me years ago, he wrote:  “Peace to you, Gregory Corrigan.  May Jesus enfold you in his heart. Jean Vanier”

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