In My Dreams I Am A Kenyan

I was at my favorite clothing store, the Goodwill store in Newark.  There, I came upon a two dollar treasure: a pink T-shirt that reads, “In my dreams I am a Kenyan.”

Don’t ask me why I think that’s a great line, but I do.  And the fact that it was hot pink or that it was a size too small for me didn’t matter.  I wanted that T-shirt and was more than happy to spend two dollars on such a gem.   
Do you have a motto?  Is there a quote or phrase or saying that sums up Who You Are?   

For more than thirty years my motto has been, “Language creates reality.”  And, even though that motto would not be my choice of epithets for the “End Stone,” it speaks strongly about the way I understand human communication and life. 

Currently, the end line that finishes all the emails I send out reads, “There is not a person I could not love, once I’ve heard their story.”
I have always been fascinated with words, especially words that communicate something beyond, “frontier” language that stops you and makes you think, words that speak beauty to the soul and lift up one’s heart. 
What “words” speak to the Truth of you?

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