NEW YORK TIMES, Letter to the Editor

What’s with those far right Catholics who showcase their vitriolic contempt for Rev. James Martin? (Re: “The Scariest Catholic in America,” Frank Bruni, Feb. 3, 2018). Shame on their blatant hypocrisy and homophobia.

I had the privilege of attending Father Martin’s lecture on Building A Bridge at Villanova University in August. As a Catholic priest, I typically experience the “empty pew syndrome.” But the church that evening was packed–Standing Room Only. To see hundreds of college age young people who had come to hear a priest, filled me with hope. It was a sign that young people are hungry for the authentic message of Jesus.
Father Martin follows in the footsteps of Pope Francis, the “Pontifex Maximus” (Pontifex means bridge-builder!).
In reading the gospels, it’s clear that the only people with whom Jesus had problems were the religious hypocrites.

Those who condemn Father Martin represent a side of Catholicism that is divisive, offensive, and exclusive. Is it any wonder so many good people have walked away?

We need to listen to the pain and anger of those whom we have wounded. We need to become the welcoming mercy of Jesus to them.

Rev. Gregory M Corrigan
Diocese of Wilmington

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