Being Human

Oh, the things I have seen and heard and experienced. The songs that have moved my heart. The words that have changed the way I think. A baby’s smile, a dog running full speed just to be with me, the tears of someone for whom life has been overwhelming.

There are stories that have resonated deep within, convincing me that there is an ultimate meaning in life. All creation is connected in this truth. At times, words have come my way that were so impacting and so personal, I could swear they were my own. Yet, those words only came alive because, when written or spoken or heard, they echoed a knowing already present.

Language creates reality. Reality is the weaving of relationships: the give and take, the ebb and flow, the dying and rising — the mystery of life that invites us to participation. Fear hides us from life. Guarded and restricted, we can only project a small, narrow piece of the self.

Unbounded, celebrating the creativity which is our common identity, we randomly, even recklessly, give it all away—all the joy and love and life we are. Vulnerability and trust set the stage. Courage is simply the freedom to be true. The human desire to abundantly share life and all that is good is secret hidden in plain sight.

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