Humpty Dumpty Priesthood

Why do we tip our hat to the priest?
Why do we call him Father?
He’s our Christ and how do we know?
Holy Bible tells us so.
Catholic school song, 1960s

What went wrong? Were people just naïve? Had centuries of authoritative teaching about doctrines like “ontological change” and “alter christus” actually convinced both clergy and worshippers that ordination raises a man (sic) to a level equal with God?

An arrogance of superiority dwelt (tabernacled) among many catholic clergy. Is it any wonder that when ‘the child’ revealed to the world, the horrific lie about “the emperor’s new clothes,” the temple would come tumbling down?… “not one stone left upon another” Mk 13:22.

Continuing with the ‘fairy tale’ imagery:
All the pope’s horses

and all the Pope’s men,

couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

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