Good Friday, 2020

“All that matters is that one is created anew.” Galatians 6:15

There is a strong wind this morning. We say we hear the wind. However, the wind, like God, is silent. The sounds we hear are from what is moved by the Wind. The Spirit is silent. If we are moved by the Spirit, then we can speak.

In 1988, my spiritual director, a Norbertine priest, Father Fran Dorff, invited me to Daylesford Abbey for their Good Friday service. Fran Dorff was a holy and humble spiritual master. To my surprise the service began with a tuba solo. A tuba solo! The deeply emotive music that came from that grand instrument was both stirring and mournful. It was a Spirit-filled moving event.

In our meetings, Fr. Dorff shared with me highlights from his book, The Art of Passingover. “Passingover” is a word with many overtones. Spiritually, it connotes the biblical story of the Israelites being freed by God from bondage. As well, it signifies the life-giving death of Jesus which results in the Resurrection.

Passingover is a good metaphor for us personally as we reflect on the many changes and transitions we experience in life. Life as we know it has been forever changed by the Coronavirus pandemic. We may have previously heard that life is change. Now, like never before, we know that change is rapid and momentous. What we may have considered normal, we will never experience again.

We have a choice. We can resist what is happening (personally, I’ve always failed when I disagree with reality). Or, we can “let go” and trust the providence that is unfolding through this “passingover.” Father Dorff believed the fullness of life involves: “Letting-go” in trust, “Letting-be” in hope, and “Letting-grow” in love.

The wind blows where She will. Where are we headed? The foolish may devote themselves to resisting the changes that are coming. Wisdom would suggest it may be time to adjust the sails.

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