Easter, 2016 (from the archives)

Easter is such a glorious day for children. Parents, grandparents, everyone wants to make this day so incredibly wonderful for children.

What was Easter like for you as a child?

We need to remember the good events that shaped our lives. Stories of faith are what the early disciples shared about Jesus. How are we shaping the future? What are we passing on?

Last evening at the Easter Vigil we welcomed into our faith community a wonderful young man. Christopher Frazier is a senior at Salesianum High School. He received the sacraments of initiation. We dunked him three times in our baptismal pool (he even pulled me under the water!). We slathered him with oil—holy chrism. We fed him consecrated Bread and Wine at the table where all are welcome. It was an incredible liturgy; our hearts were filled with joy.

Before receiving eucharist, Christopher’s grandfather Gerry Torre, gave him a gift. It was the prayer book Gerry had been given as a boy when he received his first holy communion. What a precious moment. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church.

The goodness we share with others is a “forever” blessing.

What really matters?

Today, let’s truly celebrate Easter. Love the people you know and love a few you don’t know.

The way we live today will create the world we’ve yet to meet.

Easter Peace,
fr. greg corrigan

I planted the Red Dawnwood (sequoia) Easter Sunday, 2016 as a gift to the parish and to honor Chris Frazier

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