The Resurrection Way

Ask me something and I will give you an answer. And yes, I will tell you the truth. That may sound like an asset. But believe me, a quick response has caused me many headaches over the years.

So. I have a brain that has been described as, “ADHD” (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). While I can appreciate the science behind it, I disagree with the way we “label” people and their unique differences.

While it’s true that “ADHD” helps people to understand that the prefrontal cortex of a brain does not function the way the majority of brains function (i.e., the prefrontal cortex is the “brake,” the “filter,” that reminds most people to “pause” before responding… without the “brake,” folks who have been labeled ADHD {like me} often blurt out whatever first comes to mind). And yes, that can cause problems.

But science also describes the “gifted” aspect of a brain labeled “ADHD.” In fact, many of the qualities associated with people who are “ADHD” are things like: above average intelligence, independent, creative, and tend to be compassionate. They may also be excitable, impulsive and are often very talkative (If any of these descriptions ring a bell…let me know : )

I was pastor at Corpus Christi parish for ten years. I loved the people, I loved the children and families who came to our school. I loved serving. But I am not a natural leader. I have poor organizational skills. Because I care so deeply about the individual, I can lose sight of what is needed for good administration. So, I never intended to be a pastor again.

Since I answer “everything” and tell the truth, you may have already heard that when I was first asked by the Bishop (on April 27) to remain as pastor after Bill Graney’s retirement, I said, “Thank you. I am honored to be asked. But… no.” Indeed, the stories goes, it was only three days before the announcement was made public on June 24, that I agreed to the Bishop’s request.

Why? I told the Bishop on April 27th that I love the people of Resurrection and I want the best for them. And I truly did not think that I was (am) the best. Over the next several weeks, we talked about many things. One day I was told, “Greg, you are really the kind of person that Resurrection needs.” “Needs?” I don’t think so!

But the more we talked, the more I prayed, and a more amazing conversation began with so many of YOU… you wonderful and blessed people of God here at Resurrection! As this conversation happened, the more I began to hear a voice that said: Greg, you need these people more than they will ever need you. They are the way forward. They are Resurrection! They believe deeply in a church that is the people of God… (so do you!). They believe strongly that the holy Spirit moves through the day to day lived experience of all who are seeking. They are disciples who are so incredible!

Yes, they’ve been wounded by the “church;” yes, they’ve been abused, and denigrated, and treated like “lemmings of a lesser god.” And now, they desire a “companion,” a genuine friend, a “yes” person… Not a “yes” person who speaks for bishops and the magisterium… they want/ they long for a person who says YES to the holy Spirit… These blessed women and men and families and all who are different and searching and scared and alone… they long for an affirmation of the Spirit of Life and Love that flows most abundantly… through them!!!

My friends, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me this opportunity. I am here to walk with you…. I am just one small part of the body of Christ. I look to you and your goodness, your vision, your love… Please, show me the way!

You may have heard about a “leadership team” that has been in formation to help guide me. While the term “leadership team” is misleading in a parish with so many amazing leaders, the concept, delineated by Amazing (and guided to us by our friend Tom Kane) is exactly what this remarkable parish is about… a group of leaders who are collectively committed to helping the pastor make the parish amazing and bring more people to Christ.
We will soon be announcing the total make-up of that team (which we have decided to call, Communio). At this point, I would like to formally announce that Maritza Poza-Grise and Ed Schieffer will be the “core” the co-hearts of Communio. These gifted disciples will work with all of us, unifying the vision and bringing us all together. Pray for them. Pray for the parish. Pray as disciples of the Resurrection Way— with joyful and hope-filled spirits–so our prayer may become Love and Love will show us… the Way of the Lord.

4 responses to “The Resurrection Way

  1. Thank you for sending this. I support these two wonderful and dedicated friends to assist you and us in moving forward as a parish striving to be faithful to the Gospel message. These continue to be most challenging times. I pray each day for you and our parish. I will be as supportive as possible.

    Blessings and peace,


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  2. I am blessed, we are blessed to have the gifts of your creativity and compassion for others, especially as you help to take us on the Jesus Way. Please take our ‘lemming’ ways away and help us to better see and work with Jesus who breathed the spirit of celebrating God’s goodness and beauty of Creation. Let us find new ways to say, Yes, to the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for listening to the amazing people of the parish you consulted.
    I heartily support Communio, Pastoral Council, Staff and you.


  3. Communio sounds like a realistic way for the people of Resurrection to discern Vatican II’s continuing way for Resurrection to follow the Spirit.
    Thank you Fr. Greg, Pastoral Council members and parish Staff for opening your mind and heart to listen to the Spirit’s guidance.
    I am happy to give support to each of you!
    Peg Hirsh


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