Visio Divina

Lectio with Art (Visio Divina).
Sit prayerfully with this mural (that appears in Rutland VT), “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Until It Comes,” by Lopi LaRoe, who goes by LMNOPI.
Look carefully at every part of the mural, savoring the image itself in its entirety, the feelings it evokes, the memories it may raise in you. As you savor the mural’s image reflect on the title of the mural, as well, and its meaning for you at this present time.
Ask yourself, “What does the mural say to me? What feelings or thoughts does it evoke? What does the title of the mural inspire in me? What is God’s message for me as I reflect? To what is God calling me as I reflect on this mural and its title?”


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