The Beauty of Confirmation

Family is among the greatest blessings we are given. In the journey of life we learn that family is bigger than only those with whom we share a genetic connection. Family becomes all who cheer us on, who support and strengthen us, those who are always there for us.

“Church,” our community of faith, is also family.
The Resurrection family proudly honors Jordan Marie Behnke and Liam Peter Naccarato as they are sealed by the gift of the Holy Spirit through the sacrament of Confirmation.

May abundant blessings and grace be with you each day. May the Christ in you find communion with the Christ in others. Know that you are precious and loved always!

Sacrament of Confirmation. 9.26.20

One response to “The Beauty of Confirmation

  1. How wonderful to see these young people completely their initiation rite🙏.
    I look forward to being with others who join us in the upcoming weeks and become full members of our family of faith.

    Thank you.

    May the Holy Spirit/Sophia bless us all.

    MaryLouise 🕊🎶

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