“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

Today my faith was young and joyful in praying with two amazing teenagers — Jordan Marie and Liam Peter — in the sacrament of confirmation. It was so much fun! Such wild and precious disciples! Young ones are so cool. I have hope for the future.

Today, my faith was enduring and strong in praying with Lou Moscato. Lou is 106 years old! Talk about wild and precious! I marvel at his tenacity. I acclaimed his bold vitality. Lou, in humble response, shrugged his shoulders, “What have I done? It’s all been given to me.”
We shared holy anointing. In parting, Lou shook my hand, firm, like a man who is alive and knows what a handshake means. I thanked him. His face softened as he pulled me close and kissed my hand. In delight, I kissed his hand.

Today, my faith was veiled. Feeling “unworthy and insufficient” swept over me as I prayed with Connie, whose darkness is beyond imagining. A phone call informed her that her youngest child has died… from suicide. Now we must plan his funeral.
When we are all so lost, our prayer is wild, not precious: God, please, no! Save me! Please God… No! It can’t be true!

Faith, only faith, can see us through. I pray that faith will come and hold us together.

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