Garden Goodness

One of the blessings of stopping by the parish garden on a golden October afternoon is to see friends who are still nurturing what God has begun, a continuing harvest of summer bounty, along with the hope that comes as we see new growth for autumn veggies. 

The first blessing is greater:  seeing friends.  Trish Herron was there.  It took her all but a few seconds to see Buddy hanging out the car window and whining to let his friend know he was overjoyed at seeing her.  “Buddy’s here!,” Trish called out as she headed over to meet our beloved goldendoodle and fluff the curly hair on his happy head. 

Other friends who “shone” in the garden, more beautifully than any blessed vegetation– Cass Thomas, Susie and Mark Oliver.  What joy!

Cass!  I haven’t seen Cass in such a long time.   What a wonderful person!  Nobody ranks higher in the realm of authentic goodness.   She has continuing health concerns (let us all “storm heaven” on her behalf!). She is so selfless, so caring.  One feels divine grace just being with her.

We wound up with me in a lighthearted way trying to convince her that she is a Genie, with magical powers that will bring all of us healing and happiness.   She laughed… that wondrous, precious “Cass Thomas” laugh.

Visiting with Susie and Mark Oliver is always a blessing.  Resurrection is outstanding because we have outstanding disciples, people of faith whose consistent goodness and dependable witness reveal to others the amazing depth of our faith community.  

Mark is the master gardener, whose lifetime work as a doctor shows as he listens to our stories of aches and pains… and life.   His presence is true, always reassuring us and leaving us feeling better by virtue of the healing that happens by his deep listening and caring ways. 

Susie, the consummate worker and garden expert, knows so much about what we do and she lives to affirm and to assist and help guide us novices in our quest for “green” gold.  Susie is heart… loving and filled with a wisdom that comes from a rich spirituality “grounded” in the God who started us humans off by placing us in a most wondrous place– a garden!

Susie loaded me up with crunchy and peppery arugula.   Then, like Trish, she came to the car to make a loving fuss over Buddy.

Thanks be to God!

Tonight, for supper, I cooked some Amish noodles, then drained them.  I added a spoon of butter, cracked pepper, fresh thyme and beautiful, fresh arugula which I had cut on a chiffonade.   I added pencil strip cuts of sweet red pepper and lots of grated cheese (gruyere and asiago).  It was a delightful, light supper.  Good eating is the promise of the great banquet that awaits all of us.

One response to “Garden Goodness

  1. What a beautiful experience and sharing of truly wonderful people that I also love and cherish. I was there walking yesterday and saw you and music folks arriving for celebration preparations perhaps for Mass today or the wedding also today.
    Thinking of you all.
    I was invited to go to Baltimore today for Memorial Mass at 11 for George’s brother Don, who died of Coved19 in May. I am not up to a drive that far with luncheon to follow in small K of C hall after. In addition, they are strong “one issue “ voters and that also doesn’t help my sense of well-being. I will pray for them here.

    Again, thank you for sharing.



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