Christmas 2021

Christmas is not a manger story with shepherds and magi. Do you know any shepherds? Have you met the magi?

Christmas is God given over to people. God has disappeared into humanity.

Christmas only happens to the extent that you and I live in the fullness of love.

One response to “Christmas 2021

  1. Dear Greg,

    You are in my heart today. I found your 2018 letter and I know you yearn to return to the SW , a place the brings you healing and joy. I hope that you will be able to do that before too long.

    I missed you celebrating with us this morning. We miss your messages that touch our hearts ( not just “funny bones”🙄). I am home for the celebration. Several in family WITH shots tested positive this week. My brother, Dan, called yesterday just as I had gotten a bag out to pack. I was feeling discombobulated at that point and wasn’t terribly disappointed not to have the drive down today.
    I took a 2 hour nap…I did the same today. I think I am allergic to winter cold and dark. Because I had symptoms this week, I spent 4 1/2 hours at Urgent Care waiting to get tested ( I also have every shot offered at present)…I am negative…but tired, etc.
    Now if I could only link up with Ed Aigner & be his altar server on those cruises 🤣…to warm, sunny places.
    I know you are celebrating another year tomorrow and I hope you will have family to share it with.
    I pray for healing, hope, a renewed sense of your goodness, gifts and presence that brings so much joy to all those you have touched these many years.

    I also hope your bones behave and Buddy continues to bring you fun, laughs, love. I wouldn’t mind having a 4 legged dear one to share with…however, not allowed here unless you have a specific need as the teenage boys next door due to terrible divorce of parents. They are adopted from Korea I think. They have this cute little Phoebe who doesn’t make a sound but is always friendly to me! Not sure to breed.

    Well, my dear, blessings tonight. Indeed, God loves us into loving one another. The Lord is with you.
    Do not be afraid. We are God’s gift to one another…called to share our love, gratitude and hope for a tomorrow of healing, compassion, justice, peace and love.

    Happy “doubles “Birthday (66)…May you live into those numbers turned upside down.

    Also, remembering our dear friend, 😇Bruce Byrolly, as he enjoys one anniversary of our time in eternity. I do miss him. He was an amazing partner in ministry…once we looked “eye to eye” in understanding and appreciation 🤣.

    Ce sois , C’est moi avec mes chers amies, mes parents, et absoluement avec mon Cher George.

    Con amour et la joie,


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