Daniel Berrigan, March 1, 2002

Virginia Malloy and I went to Sacred Heart Church in Camden, New Jersey to hear Daniel Berrigan, the Jesuit peace activist and long-time friend of Michael Doyle.   During his talk on non-violence (quoting peacemakers like Gandhi and MLK) Virginia whispered to me: “I wonder what he (Berrigan) does with his anger?”

At the question & answer period, I asked, “Father Berrigan, What do you do with your anger?” He paused for a moment, and then said, “Well, if I have any anger, I guess I leave it at home.”

On the way home, Virginia and I discussed his response. It wasn’t like he was saying he didn’t know what anger is, or that he’s never had any anger.  We heard him say he doesn’t make it central to his life, he doesn’t carry it around, or give it prominence.

Instead, he lets go and leaves it behind him.  He leaves it at home. 

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