Sweet Darkness

in honor of Mary Brady

Yesterday, my friend Mary died.

She was a beautiful person whose life was shaped by tragedies of death and loss. 

Death is that brutal and feared visitor that slams a verdict against life.

Loss takes away a Beloved, mocking us with, “Now you are less than you were!”

Although Mary’s essence was forged in pain

her goodness did not diminish.

Her light emerged through the long, dark nights.

There was a strength within her, a power that refused to yield to suffering.

Her Source was Love and she was Grounded in Truth.

She said “Yes’ to Life

and gave us a glimpse of Something…

So Much More…

Her radiant light held us through the bitter throes of her dying.

She taught us to trust that Something…. So Much More.

There is a great sadness beyond her passing.

We sit in Silence, empty and alone

Longing for the sweet echo that her heart will whisper:

“Rise up,” she will say…

“By my Life

By my Love

I remain with you



I am here. 

If you have eyes to see, see.

If you have ears to hear, hear.



I am…


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